Mini 1000 Automatic 1978 – 36546 miles

This is easily the best Mini 1000 we have ever offered, she is totally ‘as new’ in her condition and appearance, it is so very rare to have a mini available that hasn’t been welded, filled or painted…anywhere ever!

The mini has only covered 36546 miles in the short life she had on the road. The car was brought new overseas in 1978 and then imported into the UK in 1982 (therefore it has a age related plate for when the car was imported, as per the rules back then)

The mini appears to have stayed within the same family with the same owner since the early 1980’s.

The mini was brought new in 1978 and then tucked away in late 1984 and totally moth balled in that the whole car was prepared properly for a long rest and this is why she has survived so well until this day. One of many examples we could offer is that the car has the original brake pipes….they were all lovingly greased up prior to storage and remain ‘as new’ condition wise.

The mini is finished in the wonderful ‘snapdragon yellow’ and contrasts beautifully with the brown interior.The car is ‘as new’ inside as outside and is really quite remarkable in that everything is totally original and standard. Many add on’s and customisation parts were, and still are, available for the mini but this detracts from the overall value of a mini when it comes to investment potential. This mini will continue to rise in value and prove a very nice usable investment for the lucky new owner.

The mini has just been fully recommissioned and therefore everything works and performs, as it should. The auto gearbox fitted in these mini 1000’s make the car even more fun to drive and due to the lightweight construction, these little cars are very spritely and handle like a go kart (in a good way!). They are such great fun to drive and be around…children wave and smile as you go by and the stunning ‘as new’ yellow paintwork is adored by all that see her.

The car was MOT’ed last week and required a new wiper blade to pass!…..otherwise absolutely no other advisories were noted, the chap who MOT’ed the car had never seen a mini in this condition before and was amazed that a 33 year mini had never been welded…he mentioned that he has failed a fair few in his time and he even tried to buy it!….thankfully while at the garage we managed to snap a few pictures of the underside of the car and these appear in the link at the foot of the advert.

We strongly suggest an early viewing as a mini like this does not surface very often. We are aware of fully restored mini’s coming up on a regular basis and have seen lots available that you could go and buy today for the same money or lots more. However this is a very different proposition in that this mini is totally original and that is what will only ever make this little car very special and valuable.

We are located in the Hampshire countryside just outside Basingstoke and we are 10/15 minutes drive away from either the M3 or A34 major roads and a 5 minute walk from a local railway station.

We offer a very competitive nationwide delivery service and we can part exchange your existing car too if required.


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