Fiesta Mk1 1100L 1980, 37236 Miles, Never Welded and a Fresh MOT




This lovely little Fiesta Mk1 has only ever had a father and then son own her, so 2 owners in 35 years….quite a find!

We are very happy to have found this age defying Mark 1 Ford Fiesta from 1980. This car was brought from it’s elderly owner who stopped driving in recent times and that owner was wise enough to make sure the car was liberally coated in waxoyl many years ago, hence the condition of the car today and why the car has never required any welding in the 35 years since being built.

The car has enjoyed a good long rest in a heated garage but was MOT’ed each year anyway. The car has covered just over 500 miles since 2007 in fact.

These early models feature the ever-popular chrome bumpers and trendy checked seats. The rather lovely cosmos blue metallic paintwork is directly from the 1980’s and suits the smart lines of the early Fiesta rather well.

The interior is in virtually ‘as new’ order and the rear seats don’t look to have been sat in! The car drives very well and starts on the button and is a genuine pleasure to drive. The brakes, steering and suspension all operate, as they should. The car drives without fault and being so lightweight, when compared to a modern car, this Fiesta is very economical to run.

Prices of early Ford’s of this era are rocketing right now and therefore this sensibly priced classic presents a good opportunity to buy a car that will rise in value and not drop in price as with a new car. The Fiesta has always been a popular choice in the UK; both the young and old alike love them. A very easy car to drive, park, and generally enjoy always.

The car is totally standard and hasn’t suffered any molestation, and just one key fits all the locks for example. The paintwork is in very shiny and fresh condition and the car has clearly been very well looked after, always waxed. A genuine credit to the previous owner. The car has all the original handbooks that are very nice to have.

Fiesta’s had a rust problem and many cars rusted away beyond repair many years ago, the usual issues were rusted inner wings and badly corroded sills, suspension mounts would fall due to rust and panels were prone to rusting out too. However this Fiesta is a true survivor and the early-applied waxoyl has done its job wonderfully well.

The car has a fresh MOT and only has one minor advisory.

Having checked the car over fully in our workshop, we can confirm that this Fiesta is a sound and fully useable practical classic that is ready for many years of daily use. No disappointments with this lovely little car.

The car has just driven faultlessly from Hertfordshire to Hampshire and therefore we know that she is ready to hit the streets and draw crowds wherever she parks up.

We realise buying a classic from a dealership like ours may involve spending a little more than buying privately, but knowing a car has been fully checked and road tested by an expert mechanic who knows these cars inside out…is a huge benefit compared to ‘buying blind’ privately. We look after our customers very well and offer some facilities that are hard to beat.

  • We are delighted to take your part exchange.
  • We offer full nationwide delivery at a price that is very competitive.
  • We also offer a commission sale service that always returns a far greater yield than selling a car from your home.

Call or email us and make an appointment to come and view this well priced little classic today. We have an easy to find business unit in the lovely Hampshire countryside and we are a 15-minute drive from either the M3 or A34 major road junctions.

Please follow the link below for many more pictures of this lovely Fiesta:

Here is a little more information about the Mark 1 Fiesta (1976 – 1983)

The Fiesta Mk I was launched in 1976. It was also a breakthrough for Ford as it was their first truly successful front-wheel drive car. It was also the first new Ford car since the Ford Granada five years earlier. The first generation Fiesta was also a “world car”, an “Americanised” version being sold in the United States from 1978 to 1980 where it was classified as a subcompact car. The Fiesta’s small size prompted American management to invest in what would become the European Mk III Escort introduced in 1980, and the first generation American Escort, introduced in 1981. Mechanically, the Fiesta followed tradition, with an end-on four-speed manual transmission mounted to a new version of the Ford Kent OHV engine dubbed “Valencia”, named after the brand new Spanish factory in Almusafes, Valencia, developed especially to produce the new car. Ford’s plants in Dagenham, England and Cologne, Germany were also used to manufacture Fiestas.

The Fiesta was a runaway success overnight, and the one millionth Fiesta was produced on January 9, 1979. The car was available with 957 cc (high compression and low compression options), 1.1 and 1.3 L OHV petrol engines and in base, Popular, L, Ghia and S trim, as well as a van. A sporting derivative (1.3 Supersport) was offered in 1980, effectively to test the market for the similar XR2 introduced one year later, which featured a 1.6 L version of the same engine. Black plastic trim was added on the exterior and interior, and the car looked exciting. The small square headlights were replaced with larger circular ones resulting in the front indicators being moved into the bumper to accommodate the change. In a stroke, Ford had created a cult car so beloved of boy racers throughout the 1980s.