Citroen CX DTR Turbo 2 – 1989 Manual – SOLD

This is very lovely example of one of my favourite cars and she drives so very very well. The car was covered a not unreasonable 175k miles. This particular Citroen CX DTR was dearly loved by her previous owner who spent a great deal of money getting her to this very high standard of being a very reliable daily driver.

The CX was used for a big tour of the south of France last year and she didn’t miss a beat. I have to say I’ve been very taken by this car and she will make somebody very happy.

The car comes with a vast history folder and receipted evidence of the work undertaken to the car. There is an extensive list of work undertaken and when the work was done.

The car has 3 keys (one with central locking fob) and the original wallet with handbooks etc.

An example of some of the work undertaken includes…

New suspension system pump fitted, all brake calipers overhauled, brake pads and discs were recently replaced, recent handbrake cables, new ball joints, aluminum upgrade to all suspension pipes, LHM fluid change, back axle overhauled with new bearings, a recent Bosch S4 extra heavy duty battery, the pump belts and cam belt was replaced along with a new water pump, the diesel pump was overhauled and new glow plugs were fitted along with the fastest timer relay, the gearbox was recently fully overhauled and a new clutch fitted with a new clutch cable, new poly bush engine mounts fitted. The speed-adjustable Diravi power steering has also been overhauled.

There are no oil leaks from the engine or suspension whatsoever. The car starts on the button and the suspension rises straight away, as it should. The steering is sharp and the self-return is wonderful. The floors and sills are solid and she is certainly a survivor!

The bodywork is in fine order and she maintains a deep shine to the coachwork.

However the Citroen has some age related marks as you expect for a car that is 27 years old…however these are rather minor and it is very obvious the car has been very well cared for.

The wheels have been refurbished and the interior is rather exceptional. All the electrics work as they should and the electric sunroof is fully working and a joy at this time of year.

I hope the links to the many photos and walk around video will give you a good idea of her condition.

Extra Pictures View Video


A bit about the Citroen CX:

The CX was a huge success in Europe and brought the advanced technology from the remarkable Citroen SM to the masses. The wonderful flowing lines and the sharp Kamm tail was designed by Robert Opron. There are no control stalks but instead control buttons that are all placed within a hands reach when driving, allowing the driver to keep both hands on the single stalk steering wheel.

The car was light years ahead of any other car of the period and the unique hydro-pneumatic integral self-leveling suspension is a joy to behold. The CX also has speed adjusted ‘Diravi’ power steering (from the SM). The uniquely effective interior design is simply a design classic and a great place to be.

The CX’s unique suspension gave the car the ability to soak up large undulations and yet damp out rough road surfaces. There is a consistently excellent ride when empty or fully laden. The suspension was attached to sub frames that is attached to the cars body through flexible mountings, these greatly reduces road noise and improves ride quality even more. The CX is very highly regarded by the motoring press and much material exists that discuss the ride quality and design triumph in fine detail.

Its worth knowing that the Citroen suspension was used under license by Rolls Royce on the Silver Shadow and it was copied by Mercedes Benz for the 450SEL 6.9.

The CX has a transverse engine design, in contrast to the longitudinal mid engine layout of the Traction Avant and the DS, this saved space and thus the CX is 8” shorter than the DS.

The CX was launched in 1974 and wasn’t quite the car it needed to be. The early cars didn’t have power steering and as 70% of the cars weight is carried by the front wheels…the CX was a challenge to drive easily. The engine bay of the CX is rather small and this is due to the fact that is was intended to be driven by a three rotor rotary engine. However the rotary engine was not economical and the oil crisis of the 1970’s meant poor fuel economy was never going to be popular.

The early CX’s were powered by rather modest 4 cylinder engines, the rare GTi Turbo produced from 1985 – 1989 with 168 horse power was the engine that had the power to match the capabilities of the wonderful chassis set up. The 2.5 turbo diesel model was the perfect combination of a high output engine and very good fuel economy to match; this explains why these models are so sought after.

Due to building financial pressures and changing market demands, Citroen found itself having to surrender to Peugeots fair more cost aware management team and the company was changed forever. The sheer cost of the CX production facility in a district of Northern Paris was a likely cause for this change in management and therefore many refer to the CX as the true ‘final Citroen’.

Peugeot already fielded 3 executive cars and the CX had to change to compete in a busy market and these changes did come. In 1984 the turbo powered 2.5 litre engine was introduced and made the CX the fastest diesel saloon in the world….this CX could hit 121 MPH. The ‘Series 2’ was introduced in 1985 and is in everyway a better car, however the early car will always be remembered for the classy stainless steel bumpers and spinning drum speedo dial.

The CX’s sales peaked in year 4 of production, whereas the DS achieved its best sales after 15 years of production. The CX saloon lasted until 1989 (the estate lasted till 1991) and was replaced by the XM model, the XM managed 330,000 sales and the XM’s replacement the C6 only managed 20,000……the CX managed sales of 1.2 million.

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