Here we have a rather special one owner Trabant 601 freshly imported from Hungary – this is probably the nicest one we have seen and the condition defies the age. As you can see from the pictures this particular Trabant has been dearly loved by its only owner and drives just a nicely as its condition suggests.

The 1988 model has the little 2 stroke 595cc engine has covered just 67000 kilometres. The car has never been welded and the original condition paintwork is totally rust free. The Trabant runs beautifully and starts first time, everytime.

This 601 originally had the HYCOMAT semi-automatic transmission system but has been converted, at great expense, to the standard clutch operated gearbox.

The Trabant is freshly registered for the UK and has a years MOT. We think these make a wonderful and very affordable classic which can be run on a shoestring budget. As you imagine they are very economical to run and ultra rare in this condition. The prices are only going up, so buy this lovely Trabant while you can as we don’t think we will be seeing one like this again. We love the way she drives and the super shade of green like make you want to buy her as soon as you meet her.

We can arrange delivery to your door and offer you a Skype walk around the car if you are too busy to come and view in person.

A little more about the Trabant 601:

The Trabant 601 (or Trabant P601 series) was a Trabant model produced by VEB Sachsenring in Zwickau, Sachsen. It was the third generation of the model, built for the longest production time. As a result, it is the best-known Trabant model and often referred to simply as “the Trabant” or “the Trabi”. During this long production run, 2,818,547 Trabant 601s were produced overall and it was the most common vehicle in former East Germany.

With hindsight it can be considered East Germany’s response to West Germany’s ‘Peoples Car’, the VW Beetle. Its purpose was to provide a cheap but still reliable car that was very affordable and also easy to repair and maintain. Still, it was at the time of its release rather modern in many ways, with front wheel drive, a low maintenance engine, unitary construction, composite bodywork and independent suspension all around.

Many former DDR citizens have mixed emotions in regards to their “Trabi”, which still is a symbol for the demised DDR,[ since it was a part of the system. In recent years, these distinctive cars have become collectors’ items, with growing popularity. Green Trabants are especially popular, as they are said to bring good luck. Many Trabant owners’ clubs exist throughout Europe and 601s have their fans all over the world. Also, many Trabant 601s are still used as rally racing cars.
As a symbol for a forgone era, it has inspired movies such as Go Trabi Go that presented the Trabi as a kind of East German character and could make former DDR citizens laugh “not precisely at themselves, but at the absurdities of the system under which they lived until last year.” It has also seduced people like the American actor David Hasselhoff to drive a “Trabi”, although he had trouble to getting into it. Stephen Kinzer of The New York Times likens the Trabi as a symbol for the people who built it, who “survived through difficult times and ultimately triumphed” The car was also featured in the American film Everything Is Illuminated.

They are NOT made from cardboard!

Trabants are built with unitary construction for the floorpan and inner shell, this is made of galvanised steel and is very strong, so strong that in the EU crash test the Trabant was deemed to be safer than several of the modern euroboxes from major manufacturers, the outer panels are made from “Duroplast” which is pressed cotton mixed with phenolic resin and is practically indestructible – it does not bend out of shape like steel or craze like fibreglass.

They are NOT Smoky!

Trabants are generally two-stroke engined ( the last few were 1.1 VW engines but they don’t count!) they run on a mix of 50:1 petrol to oil so, after the initial start-up in the morning if it’s cold and you need the choke there is very little in the way of smoke if the car is correctly set up.

They are not slow!

Well, define slow! – a good Trabant will cruise comfortably at 55-60 mph all day as long as you drive them sympathetically making good use of the freewheel overrun. the acceleration is not brilliant but the fuel consumption is excellent, you will generally get about 50 mpg.

They are not all the same!

With Trabis you have a choice firstly of Saloon ( Limousine), Estate ( Kombi) Military style ( Kubel) or Cabriolet ( Cabrio) The early 601 cars had 6 volt ignition and used points, subsequent cars had 12 volts and used either points or electronic ignition. Although the body of the 601 never changed, most other parts did at sometime therefore you can see two outwardly identical Trabants with diverse specifications.

You can Get Parts!

Not only can you get parts but you can get practically everything for a Trabant up to and including brand new, race – tuned engines. parts are easily available and at a fraction of the cost ( and waiting time) of a new car.

You WILL be noticed!

You can really annoy Porsche drivers and the like if you have a Trabant – just park next to them – I GUARANTEE your car, no matter how tatty-looking will get far more attention than the shiny sports car – don’t buy a Trabant unless you don’t mind people pointing at you.

You WILL have fun!

You just cannot help it with a Trabi – they are such un-threatening little cars that everyone seems to like them, there are various clubs and organisations you can join if you want although you really don’t need to as there are other ways of meeting like-minded individuals.

Practically ANYONE can repair / maintain one.

These cars are so simple ( the engine has 5 moving parts) that practically anyone who can read and hold a spanner can work on one. With the tiny 600cc two-stroke engine, even that can be removed by the roadside to change a clutch in well under an hour – practically every job on the car is straightforward, these cars were designed to be maintained by unskilled labour ( the Owner) to they had to be simple!

They are a good, basic ( very basic) reliable, affordable, enjoyable, maintainable means of transport but more than that they do have a habit of becoming infectious with those around you!

A trabant will get you from A to B as well as anything else just not as comfortably or as quickly but if you are looking for a classic that you can tinker with – you have found it.