This a super rare Wolseley Six Saloon Automatic from 1973. Remarkably the car has covered just 45k (verified by old MOT’s). The car comes complete with the original bill of sale and the original service folder etc. Old MOT’s and invoices etc. Lots of new parts and importantly the car is rust free!

Here at Bradley James Classics we consider all classic cars to be special, however every once in a while something extra extra special comes along that really gets our juices flowing and this is indeed that car.  

As classic car enthusiasts we all know and love the story of the extraordinary success of Sir Alec Issigonis and his wonderful peoples car the Mini. He then went on to replicate this success in a mid sized car of the time, the ADO16, which of course we know and love as the Austin Morris 1100/1300 range (we have some in stock!). As part of his envisaged trio, lastly he went on to produce a large family car based on the same clever packaging arrangement meaning that interior and bootspace were second to none. This car, the ADO17, went on to become the Austin / Morris 1800 / 2200 series of cars as well as the upmarket Wolseley variations. BMC / BL were absolute masters at the “Badge Engineering” phenomenon whereby they produced the same car under different badges each having subtle little differences in order to retain various marque customers and thus generating multiple revenue streams from the same product.


The car in question here then went on to be affectionately known as the Landcrab due to its wide low stance and what we have here is the upmarket Wolseley version. The Landcrab series of cars was one of a raft of cars at the time that was so popular and plentiful that it quickly slipped into the nations subconscious and yet today is something of an endangered species, the vast majority of them unfortunately ending their days on the banger circuits up and down the country due to their immense structural rigidity and rugged mechanicals.


Therefore to see one today is something of a rarity, to see the top of the range Wolseley Six version rarer still but to find the Wolseley version in the condition we offer here is something of a white elephant indeed. What we are proud to offer you then is a 1973 Wolseley Six Automatic finished in the wonderfully period (and synonymous with British Leyland) Teal Blue with a genuine 45,000 miles on the cock.


RJW633L was bought new in 1973 and was fitted with a host of options including reversing lights, factory power steering, inertial real seat belts, a heated rear window, and the automatic gearbox taking the purchase price up to a then hefty £1866. The original bill of sale is present in the large history file.


The Six name was derived from the fact these cars were fitted with the silky smooth 2.2 litre straight six engine which was fitted with twin SU Carburettors, meaning they go well and sound particularly lovely in a way that only a 6 cylinder can. The car here has only covered a genuine 45,000 miles meaning it has led a very sheltered life and is therefore in wonderful condition and driving beautifully. Of the 25,000 Wolseley variants made, the club estimate there to be well under a hundred left so to get the chance of one at all (never mind in the condition) is a rare and exciting opportunity.


The car has benefited recently from a seat retrim (as any land crab enthusiast will know, the original seat material virtually disintegrated on the first sunny day it was exposed to), and also a whole raft of maintenance including a service with all fluids, new coil, battery, alternator, radiator, all ignition components, carbs tuned and balanced. Show goer’s will be pleased to note that it has been fitted with an exceptionally discreet additional electric cooling fan (with a hidden switch) so that long queue sat in traffic to get in or out of your favourite car show need not strike the terror in you like it used to meaning you can look at the scenery and not solely be glued to the cars temperature gauge.


In short this is a rare and exciting opportunity that most definitely will not be repeated at any point soon!! Viewing and driving is highly advised and hopefully Bradley James Classics can put this outstandingly  beautiful piece of British Motoring History on your driveway.